assorted writings

Rated: E · Melodrama · #2141459
No American sport, from inception through today, has been as racist as GOLF.

Rated: E · Other · #2126574
A character portrait of a remarkable human being

Rated: E · Activity · #2079784
Courage is the personal attribute needed to be a Drum Major for Justice

Rated: E · Personal · #2052292
A story about a boy, a cat, and their rivalry.

Rated: E · Philosophy · #2012006
Excerpt from my anthology of flash, non-fiction essays titled “Sovereignty Over Self”

Rated: E · Other · #2011829
A work of flash non-fiction presenting an argument for common sense.

Rated: E · Other · #1990409
Boys, not yet men are impetuous, and will leave home to have the social lives they want.

Rated: E · Philosophy · #1942723
Addresses the cause when living in Fundamental Darkness

Rated: E · Religious · #1942550
Terrorists have been living among us for many, many years

Rated: E · Political · #1942547
The quest for individual and racial freedom is far from over.